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Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
You might want to keep it as just a friendly game, where-as I train 7 days a week, run/condition/drill just so I can get a spot on that PSP podium NEXT year.

If you love the sport, then stop complaining about how we're ruining it, just go play.. or better yet, borrow one of my paint sprayers and hit the airball field. If you don't wanna do that, stick to stock class and fields that cater to a newer/older crowd.
I've played the sport. Not to the speed it is played today and not at the level of competition you do but I played it to at least the level of some of the big events.

I suggest if you have the athletic ability and the dedication to seriously compete in a sport you find a different sport . I mean that nicely.

I don't mind paintball as it is played in the tournament scene. I find it boring to watch but had a lot of fun playing it, at least most of the time. What I have an issue with is when those tactics bleed over to recreational play.
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