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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
IMO: increasing ROF beyond a certain point can and does discourage new players from participating. As a result over time the older players retire / quit and there are not enough new players replacing them - hence the decline.
It affects the veteran players as well. Heck, look at the polls Carter does here every year and the number of members here that don't even get out to play anymore.

I know for me fields that allow and encourage that type of play only get my dollars one time. I do not give them repeat business. Recball is not competetive paintball, its a way to relax and spend time with friends. Getting blasted by some douche with no trigger discipline to me is akin to playing in online videogames with a server full of griefers. No thanks.

That field will eventually die because the veteran players like me and the newer players that aren't part of the "painball" crowd will go elsewhere.

I've long said if I were to run a field i'd control my demographics through the paint. I'd likely go with low or no entry fee and higher paint costs, similar to what we saw in the 90s. Some guys would still choose to sling paint but they would be far less commonplace.
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