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That valve train was most developed for use in markers to improve their consistency or recharge during high rates of fire. A feature rendered null if you only have 20 rnds In the mag .isee what your saying but as someone who likes mag play the stuff your listing I really don't care about. And why do I need eyes. That also has more to do with high Rof. Don't get me wrong russc I really like the gun. I like how it's a hybrid of mag feed but still with the idea that it's used for paintball in mind. Such as the low stock that's what I like to see. I hate it when people spend so much time designing a gun for paintball that can't be used cause they never took into account that it would be used well.... Paintball. I'm just not gonna pay that price for a bunch of feature that are only useful if I leave the hopper on and If I'm gonna leave the hopper on I'll just stick with the normal speedball gun I probably already own.
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