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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
But what are you really paying for that's making it high end? A hopper that you won't use if the reason you bought it in the first place was to get into mag fed. Maybe the fire modes? That you won't use if your using just a mag? The cool stock. Yeah ill go with that. But it becomes less cool the minute I slap a peanut on the grip. So why am I paying for a bunch of tourney features that are useless to a milsim player
I think you're forgetting the main advantage of the marker's being able to switch from the hopper to the First Strikes in the magazine on the fly: Versatility. Different situations call for different ammunition types. Most users would probably using the volume of fire provided by the hopper for 95% of the game, but would instantly be able to select to use a first strike or three if they had a peach of long range shot that they can't make with the spherical rounds.

I would argue that the actual market for this gun isn't milsimmers at all- it's hardcore scenario players. If you take a look at the rest of DYE Tactical's offerings, they're mostly on the same page- "speedball" gear for use in the woods. This, by the way, is how I usually approach scenarios.

To a lot of scenario players, the DAM is ideal. It offers all the firepower of a camo-colored high-end electro (which sell very well, btw) while also enabling the long range capability of first strikes. The magazine-fed aspect of the gun isn't the point, it's the means to an end, a necessary attribute to allow first strike use. Therefore, the ability to dabble with mag-fed play is just an added bonus to the intended user here, not the main attraction.
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