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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
That valve train was most developed for use in markers to improve their consistency or recharge during high rates of fire. A feature rendered null if you only have 20 rnds
Then why were so many magfed-players happy when they heard rumors about the new HEAT-core in milsigs would be able to full auto? (Which it can't, IIRC)

IMO there is a use for differnt firemodes in magfed play too. 3 round bursts for example, try to do that with a milsig/tiberious/rap4
And magfed, like all other limited paint guns, is better used with a spool valve than a blow-back. If you only have 20 balls, you want every ball to break on target an therefore you use more fragile paint. And DM are for sure better on handling that than blow-backs.

This isn't a marker just for magfed play, but it will perform good if not better than the rest of the magfeds out today. That will reflect in the price.

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