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Very cool 1st generation Annihilator/Marauder.
Built for one of the Southern California Headhunter's whose home field was Sat Cong Village (SC Village).

Steve Gunner Tedz is probably the most well know Headhunter who worked at SC Village and rented Annihilators.

South Bay Arms (Earon Carter and Stan Russell) sold the rental guns to Gunner and also likely sold this gun to the Headhunter player it is engraved for rather than it being purchased from Mac-1. Earon told me he took Annihilators/Marauders to Sc Village every Friday night to sell.

Hard to tell from the feed but this gun looks to have the standard feedneck which likely puts it at 1987. It also has the Marauder style pump handle and (again hard to tell) but possibly the Carter stick feed as opposed to the Mac-1 style feed.
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