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Originally Posted by paintslinger16 View Post
I run the DRMO it's on old post Gas ally.
Yep Headrush changed to ASP a few years ago. Still Headrush to me though, it's a big corporation now they also own the Quaker steak and the hotel on site.
They did own one of the Rochester ones too the old NVP I think.
I have started playing there way back when it was in Taft road in a old truck depot.
Yeah the guy also owns what used to be a motocross track, and the new SpecialOps paintball is run by Ken out of the proshop, they are a bunch of good guys, NVP I don't like, its a decent field just way to small and 3 hours drive, I played there once, and ill probably play there in the winter once a month when I'm not playing reball, oh and I did find bulldog paintball an hour north, while the field is great there really aren't ever players.
Ill have to stop by sometime, I get back relativaly soon, Ill shoot you a om and come say hello one day at lunch.

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