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The better o-rings will cut down the farting to a point.I cut the springs down for a lighter trigger pull,I forgot that this will negate the auto trigger for some reason.. Some how one of the rods diddnt get pressed in all the way or somehow backed out..All the markers have the SS rods..I wont mess with any thumper that has the CF rods just because they will have to be sent in and replaced,,I dont want to go thru all that. Not now at least..Thumpers are a unknown enity IMO and each one will have its own issues ..I have Valves that wont interchange,they work in one but not another.. heck, some set screws with o-rings dont do anything,they are just there... go figure?? I can fix any thumper with the right parts if i have them, i just cant keep them working.. I have 2 with the Reg mods "under 300psi" and it seems to work just fine keeping them alive. I need to have a SC Thumper for an up coming game and like a fool sold the ones i never had an issue with. doing the stablizer & reg thing might do the trick. but that kills the weight and the advantage of having a Thumper ..No one has come up with a fix for that although o-rings help and give me around 500 shots untill the V4 pistons bend or break...I feel 80-90 durameter o-rings with improve the shot count before the marker dies is SC mode...I just have to find them in the sizes needed..

4 working Thumpers in one place ...

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