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Dumping glitch for Xbox is simple. Drop your **** for the other person then hit Xbox button and go to Home. You exit without saving. Player rejoins with all their stuff and you keep what they tossed. Duped money this way. Friend came to me with a few hundred k. Went to save area to save it. gave me all money and items then Home'd out. Came back I gave him money back. He walks to save area and saves. Comes back to me. Gives me all again. I sell all weapons aagain. He homes and comes back. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ended up with 27 million in under ten minutes. And got a crap ton of bad *** points for trades and aquirng purple/blue/green/etc drops.

Trick is one of you who is holding the money in the interim cannot go to a save area until you are done or the other guy could lose eveythjng he threw down if you save before he homes out.

Also easy bad *** points for trading. Offer trade...offer nothing. They accept, trade completed. You don't have to trade anything. Just go through the motions of offer and accept.
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