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Originally Posted by acesn8s View Post
Do you have to build additional containment rooms at your base in order to capture more than one alien per mission?

Ran into my fist Mutons last night. Three of them hanging out in a coffee shop. I think they took offense to my squad smacking their Thin Man and Sectoid buddies around. By the time I put the last one down, they had killed three of my six team members.

I got too use to my Sniper Captain laying waste with Squad View. My Sniper Squaddie - not so deadly. I also benched my Heavy and Assault Captains for this mission. That didn't help either, but I'm worried about not having enough depth in my roster. This mission is getting replayed.
I dont think you need more than one chamber...but I could be wrong.

And I agree about restarting certain missions. I could not do ironman mode, if I make a mistake, I revert and make darn sure to avoid getting 3 grenades in a row...lost 3 men in that one volley, it was rough.
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