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Originally Posted by Redcon-5 View Post
I think he ment the thing that turned his Squaddies. But Since most here are X-Com veterans I dont think its spoilers to say Chrysalids (Sp?).
Bingo! Spoiler alert might have been overkill, but better safe than sorry, some take their gaming experience very seriously.

I've started a 'Normal-Ironman' game while I heal from the emotional trauma from 'Day of the Chrysalids'.

On a mission now to rescue some Council member from the enemy, and using my shiny new sniper for the first time. Character abilities are very Support class has picked up the 'Run and Gun' ability, which has already been valuable, getting her spitting distance to a Thin Man in a flash.

He didn't like the resulting shotgun blast in his flank, but I rather did.

Here's hoping the rest of the mission goes as well.
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