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Originally Posted by Justus View Post
Last year you could snag a set of these for about $20. You didn't really have color options besides whatever came up for sale, but they were still much, much cheaper.

I got an entire like-new cf frame with a set of natural wood grips for $20 (great deal, not likely to be repeated). They are comfy, but I wouldn't be buying just the grips for $45 to $50. Not trying to be a wet blanket on the sale, just my opinion. That may be why most of them haven't sold yet.
Yeah, the prices on these flops around a lot. Anywhere between $20 and $65. I wasn't going to judge the price, especially since they were NOS and there were actually a few color choices for once.

I used to hate the green colored ones, but with the right marker they are some of my favorites now. The fit on all of them is impressive.
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