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It is very fun to play with.

In regards to the tank on the bottom. You could use a stock with a inline air through the buffer tube and then use a remote coil to air tank on your back. That has seem to be the more preferable choice for weight balance sake.

I have to do a shot consistency sometime but at best can only do dry fire ones at the moment.

The K-Series CQB Mk III still has the middle ASA gap which lets people do the bottom air tank setup.

@mikedsd80: There is no CQB Paradigm. :P. The Paradigm Pro as is , is set to sell as a sniper platform. There are a few people so far that have dropped the long range and barrel and put on shorty rails (Or for those previous Paradigm 1 owners or those who have Paradigm 1 shrouds) have used that instead.

The Paradigm Pro uses the in-line regulator to do velocity adjustements as opposed to the older style which was; to be blunt, restricted the air with an object in the path.

The first generation power tubes had issues with that one and the second generation power tubes alleviated a bit but still is not as efficient.

The in-line regulator regulates the pressure from between 200-350 PSI with a blowout valve set to 400 PSI.

in regards to the teflon o-ring. The o-ring is compressed under a fitting that connects the air hose that would go along the side of the gun on the previous markers. For a lot of people, when taking the marker apart or over time through roughing; the fitting might loosen and causes gaps to form inbetween the fitting and the teflon o-ring.

The HEAT core completely eliminates this issue since the HEAT core regulates the air and passes it through directly from the back.

The weight reduction seems to come from the way it is milled internally. Material seems to be the same but I could be wrong. It is aluminum and that is as far as I can remember ha.

Hope that clears up some of my stuttering during the video which was a bit nervous inducing haha.

I have had absolute pleasure shooting this marker and I look forward to the near future of very little problems and the future road for MILSIG and what other companies will bring to the table.
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