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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
I wish I could find all these wonderful loots. I have the -worst- luck when it comes to loot drops in borderlands 2. The best I ever find are mediocre purples that don't work well with Zero. I did get a ton of purples and blues from Bunker, I may try farming him a bit until I find something I can use.

I hear ya, I had a decent few hrs today - the reason i got the RL is from doing 5 rounds in Creature Slaughter Dome. I Just wish i could carry more Shotty shells as i usually use 3 out of my 4 guns are shotguns -

On that note i made some dudes suprised today with my combo of shotguns -I have it setup so i have 2 Tediore shotguns that are around 3K X 9/17 so when i gunzerk i pull them both out shoot once and toss them (exploding reloads) and today i has hitting in the ranges of 1-125K on a good toss....
I just wish i could carry more than like 215 shotgun shells, and YES i have it maxxed and have my "Full to the brim" skill at "9/5" points (class mod)

Here is the RL i got today....Non Dairy

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