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Originally Posted by MIballer View Post
Basic Lp Spyder Mod - YouTube Thats a Video for an LP mod I did

MagnaPort Valve Mod - YouTube Thats a Video for howto MagnaPort a valve.

Lightweight Striker Mod - YouTube A video for a lightweight striker mod

How to make a backspin bolt. - YouTube For a lowblow/Backspin bolt mod
I've already done the low pressure mod (Something I did LONG before I actually owned the marker, did it for the friend I picked it off of) the only thing different is that I'm going to throw a reg on here.

I've actually got a magnovalve ready to go that I'm pulling out of a scrap Spyder one.

If my lightweight striker I made for my Piranha fits (I made 2 lightweights and botched a third) I'll just use that instead, otherwise I'll be making a new one. I did find it much easier to do with a 3 axis mill than I did with a dremel.

I've never actually thought of doing a backspin mod of the bolt, although I've got an aluminum bolt. What I think I'm going to do is also put in one of those 60% plugs from the Alien sweep bolt to really emphasize on the bottom export.
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