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FS/T sleeper pneumag - chimera - xvalve - sexy!

This mag spawned itself from my spare parts bin last night... The fact that I have spare parts this nice made me worry about myself, but then I remembered "I can quit whenever I want"

this has NOT been tuned or tested, but I took the pneu frame off in working order, the lvl10 is tuned and the valve shoots great... you will have to tune the frame's pressure and possibly the location of the ram. The red of the ASA and the rail/grip dont quite match. The ASA was spray painted flat black at one point... i have been cleaning it off slowly but there is still some left obviously.

Asking $450 OBO
Trades: geo's - I will considder a 2-1 with my G6r for the right marker.
2011 Black & Clear G6r - $560!!

If you have any questions just ask! Sorry about the blurry pictures!

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