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ULE X Valved EMag $550 - Trades encouraged!

The revolving door swings again.

Picked this up a few weeks back and it had some issues, but I've got most of those sorted out.

Upgrades include:
ULE Body
Running 1.37 software, so a flash wouldn't be a bad thing.
Cosmetically, it's a 8.5/10. Only noticable body ware is underneath the quick disconnect that is attaching to the valve, and a little on the battery. Other than that, good shape.

Want to be as clear as possible with these. When I recieved it, it had an issue of the on/off wanting to stick open. I think I've solved this with a good oiling, so the sticking has stopped stop. The only other issue is with the marker in Emode, the trigger is currently adjusted to the point it doesn't like to return all the way. So some pulls it will fire, others it won't. Works perfectly in Hybrid and Mech. I can dig into trigger adjustment some more, or I can leave it up to the buyer.

I'm very open to trades, as long as they are something I'm looking for. I don't want trades with cash for the most part as I'm looking for a straight trade or to add on my end.

Things I'm looking for:
Geo 2-2.1
PL Geo 1/+
PTP Micro Emag
KAPP Flame Cockers (prefer ebladed)
Eclipse Cockers (You might have to add a bit)
Rare Bodied ECockers
Rare Vintage Matrix

If you have something that you think may fit in well with the obscure markers I listed, please feel free to offer, but don't be offended if I decline.

I'll make a shooting video this evening if I'm home before dark.
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