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M3 Lee is terrible in a tank enviroment. It was designed as infantry support (hence the box look and the 4 internal gun turrets). I don't know how I managed to crank out 6 kills in that thing.

That was so long dang. Its can't be played lik a TD either because of its weak frontal armor for its tier and poor accuracy.

Like Leafy said; play it aggreisvely and flank stuff when people don't expect it.

The American heavy line is a slow and can-be painful grind. However, if you hull down whenever you can, its like MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

@UV_Halo: Yeah I figured as much cause I don't remmber reading that requriment anymore. Wiht the new 8.0 system; they are able to see who killed them after battles.

The M4 with the 105mm is a hella fun tank.

I am almost done my American line...just need the T110E3 now.......
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