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Originally Posted by GMAN1 View Post
I just became a dealer for Scarab Arms. Met the owner Rami over the weekend at a huge paintball scenario game in so cal (posted a pic of us on my twitter feed & FB). Talked today in length with him (well over one hr lol) about just about everything he is doing, swell guy. The rounds are still in development. Some very interesting things about the outer shell he tells me. It will have a spiral design for easier breakage. Different material than the Tiberius FS. The fill is where they are at right now. They are testing different types of fills. The rounds will be a continuous shape. In other words they will not have the empty back that the FS rounds have. The spiral is suppose to be different as well. No exact release date but as stated on their FB page it will be the first part of next year. Their markers and magazines look very nice and are shipping out Nov 1. As I find out more I will spill the beans...
yup Rami is a good guy I have known him for several years, I am just waiting on my shippment, one thing he may not have mentioned is the barrel will be specific to the 2nd/3rd gen scarab rounds (cant really call them FS as they will have structal changes to them) that has been the delay in shipping, and a few tweeks on the marker.
Really looking forward to having a go with this marker
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