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Raw New Unibody Micro-Looking for an AKA Frame or misc. gear

Well with money as tight as it is here in college, I will not be able to invest into this what I would like, so currently it is up on the chopping (trading) block. What I have is a raw unibody Gen 1 micromag (the fixed barrel kind) I purchased directly from PTP.

Price: 210+shipping

Along with this body will come a frame, ASA, sear sans pin, and powerfeed/plug. I am currently looking to trade for one of the following
-FBM Frame for AKA viking
-Frenzy/Valhalla Frame for viking
-AKA Bag w/ pressure kit and accessories
-Stainless Steel freak kit, along with barrel
-Electro Hopper
-45/45 (or larger) tank in hydro.
-Mask, Events or similar

These are what I am looking for, I will have pictures posted up here in a few days!

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