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Originally Posted by foldadoom View Post
yup Rami is a good guy I have known him for several years, I am just waiting on my shippment, one thing he may not have mentioned is the barrel will be specific to the 2nd/3rd gen scarab rounds (cant really call them FS as they will have structal changes to them) that has been the delay in shipping, and a few tweeks on the marker.
Really looking forward to having a go with this marker
Oh ya thank you for bringing that up. Their barrel (in development) will be proprietary to the Scarab marker. It will be meant to work in conjunction with their new FS round ('Fin Stabilized' as they are calling it) but of course the round can be used in any first strike ready marker.

From what Rami tells me, Scarab Arms is developing these new rounds not an outside company. You should not speculate just because they don't reply to your questions. I can ask about what their plans are regarding the weight. Remember, it's still in development.
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