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^similar experience to silentnuke, in that I was really excited about the MVP (although not as much as I was with the thumper even after I heard about all its problems), and when playing with it I was really not impressed. although I agree that it's not right to compare a phantom to it - they're just very different guns - I much prefer the feel of a phantom, and much more so my '12 ghost or old spirit, to the MVP. higher performing gun for the most part, but I didn't seem to have much fun with it. it was like when I made my first sniper out of a the system x base model and a cheap-o pump kit (mistake). Disappointment. I'd much rather play with a high end pump kit on a cocker or ccm pump, or even my oc '12 ghost setup (which, I think, really says something because oc nelson based guns are something else...)!

In any case, hope things work out for you OP!

nice thumper vert feed adapter on that phantom btw (or am I mistaken?)

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