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Sweet KP3 still up for grabs (HUGE PRICE DROP)


Some vintage goodness for your consideration...
(Relisted from my other sales thread)

My vintage KP-3. I picked it up used back in '91 or '92. Stuck it on a shelf and forgot about it. I never used it in a game, and other than a few rounds off the back deck, it's remained unused for the past 20+ years.


The factory finish is in excellent shape for its age, and shows only very minor pump wear. No dings, dents or gouges. The stock was a little rough so I sanded it down with the intent of replicating the original finish. Never happened. It still needs a final sand, stain and varnish, but now the next owner can pick whatever stain/color they like.

Comes with a very rare PMI sight rail, quick-strip bolt and an aftermarket 5" Delrin pump. The 10oz tank shown in the photos will NOT be included (1990 hydro date so no loss there). Considering it's age this gun is in incredible original condition. Overall, it's easily an 8.5 to 9 out of 10.


The only point to note: There is small hairline crack in the CA adapter where the elbow screws in resulting in a leak. I'm sure Palmers has the replacement part on hand, and is a simple matter of screwing the new one into place. Also, one of the white plastic screws on the bottle bracket is missing. Other than the adapter leak, the gun functions correctly.


Looks like if I ever want to sell this beauty I need to drop the price big time, so... NEW PRICE: $300 SHIPPED IN THE U.S.!!! - DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TANK!! Right now I really need the cash, but will still consider unique stock-class trades. Micro CA IIs, PPS Phantom Stabs, unique ano Phantoms and needed Phantom parts will always be considered.

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