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Originally Posted by buzzinhi View Post
And now you lie..after you FINALLY responded you had received and tried the guide rod you told me it did not work it leaked because it had a gap after the threads..I sent you 2 messages 1 asking if you had an O-ring on it and 2nd to send it back..both those on the 29th..again with no response I sent another on the 2nd asking for an update because I had seen you had been online but not had used common courtesy to respond...I finally get a message from you on the 8th asking for my address because the envelope got thrown away..waiting 5 days I sent you another message on the 13th stating I wanted a status and I expected it to be here by Friday or I would take measures I do not like doing... since I had seen you had been on here every day since I sent that without giving me any update I started earlier than my deadline because had you responded it had not left yet and gave a reason then we would not be here..and I would not have sent mods a message about you.. and just so PPL reading this can understand your less than a 4 hour drive from me..
You've posted this up twice in the forums man. If you feel that strongly about it, PM a mod and you may get his thread locked or something.
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Now that's something worth fundraising for, an MCB zombie defense fort. With indoor fields. And blackjack. And hookers.
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