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Originally Posted by bellicose View Post
Those are some killer stats, UV_Halo. My best kills is 6, I think, and I have done it a few times. I am opposite of you on the Lee and M2MT. I hated the M2MT...terrible tank. I love seeing them as opposition, as I know it will be an easy kill (like a BDR G1B for any Tier 5 tank). The Lee was a little difficult to learn, but once I got it down, I was racking up the kills with it. Same with the T-28. So much hate, but it became one of my best tanks. Then the KV-1...I still don't know how to use it effectively.
Thanks- they are definitely not typical for me. My best prior to this was 5 and that was only a couple times. Most of the time- 1-2 kills but I definitely tend to wound more than kill. With the Ltrak in particular, I typically play more aggresively, taking advantage of the speed. That night though, I played conservatively, sniping and then close quartering with folks who came into the flag zone. Honestly, I think it played more like a set of 1v1 mini-matches as maybe, only once did 2 tanks come at me simulataneously.

I like the gun on the Lee but, the ratio of my shots bouncing to my adversaries one-shotting me when they are in my forward firing arc, is a bit too much for me. I love the M2MT and the 75mm. I'm fairly vulnerable to hits (especially if someone uses HE since it's an open top turret) but, the manueverability and the turret help me out a lot- finding squishies with that gun is fun.

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I wouldn't talk to bad about the BDR G1B... With the top gun it is amazing... Look at my stats under skiddish9999 with it...
I need to figure out how to see my stats per vehicle. Nevermind, found them
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Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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