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True, there is a lot that separates a blazer from a pyre. I was just speaking in terms of the gun's overall conception and design. It was designed as a semiauto/blazer originally. It was redesigned in a way for use as a pyre. All I was trying to say is that, at it's genesis, it conceived as primarily a semi-auto, not primarily a pump.

By LAPCO I mean Grey Ghost. No spring feed. Actually, because the Ghost is a breach drop gun, you can't really use a spring feed (bore drop nelsons you can use a spring feed; in the breach drop version there is a lip that the ball can easily get stuck on by the force of the spring pushing other balls behind it, and it will lead to chopping/feeding problems).

I'd really recommend not buying something you've never held or shot. Try and see if any store near you has any of these, and ask them about them, dry fire the display model, whatever you can do to get at least some feel. I highly recommend Carter's guns, but, even more so in this case because you're looking at the used market more so, with all the different buzzard versions, some dating back to the 80's, you should really see and feel how it shoots in person before you guy it.
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