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I was in a hurry earlier so i didn't really chime in to much other than SAO but a couple of thoughts of my own.

Psycho-Pass; Liking it myself, also for the same reasons you mentioned. It's dark and twisted and that appeals to me. Sort of puts me in mind of Elfen Lied though less blood.

Busou Shinki; (Not on your list) Opening sequence really caught my eye! Two miniature battle android girls battling it out at high speed with blasters and swords, i mean whats not to like! Then it sort of took a U-turn into Hand Maid May territory. Basically a young guy comes back to his hometown and brings his three+1 mini-girlbots with him. I almost gave it a pass after the 1st episode but so far I am glad I didn't as it is picking back up with episode 3. (Plus I did like Hand Maid May)

Btooom!; (Another not on your list), About a NEET who is #1 in Japan and #10 globally in an online game of the same name who finds himself trapped on a tropical island playing the game for real. Found myself instantly glued to this one. I mean come on what would you do if you found yourself trapped on a deserted island with no chance of rescue and found out that the only way off was to play a death game and the only weapon was a variety of randomly selected grenades? Oh did I mention everyone also has a personal radar/gps chip embedded in their hand?
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