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Here is the link to our full catalog.

Originally Posted by SamAreI View Post
Maybe I missed it, I did scan fast all 35 pages.... Can you switch on the fly between ball hopper and the FS mag? Snipe the FS while the hoard is approaching, then switch to hopper to increase spry and pray when they close in???

Also, would there be a 50 round tac pod hopper style device for this, or would one just have to use a AXG 50 round hopper?

I am looking forward to this
You can not switch on the fly, to switch you need a Allen tool. If the feed neck is already attached, it should only take 10-20 seconds.

Thinking about this I wonder if a ball bearing and spring under the screw would make it work on the fly. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to look into this on Monday.

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