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Originally Posted by sclogger View Post
Well after my second day of play I've had another issue pop up. And was having the same issue the first day but thought I was just half cocking the pump arm and not engaging the trigger.

Out of the box this trigger was lighter than my heavily modded ruger 10/22 trigger group. Even with the adjustment screw all the way out, the DSG was sub 1lb.

Today I was firing without pulling the trigger, just on the pump stroke. 2 out of every 4 or 5 pumps and the sear will not grab. I got home and have been working on it since. The sear has a bit of a concave appearance where it engages. And the hammer part that it grabs on looks visibly worn as well. Could be possible a weak spring. Or a mixture of all three contributing to the issue

As a band aid I ground down a small screw and placed the head under the sear spring to elevate it a millimeter or two. It will hopefully get me through at least tomorrow.

Did you have any suggestions? I'm pretty mechanically inclined with a garage full or tools. If I had to put money on it, it's that sear.
it sounds almost like the sear is too short and is not quite engaging properly. just to test it, try loosening the trigger block screws and push it forward while tightening it. see if that lessens the autofiring effect. It won't move very far in the pocket but it should make a noticable difference if its on the edge. If it does I can just send you a new sear.

You can make the catch point on the sear a little smaller by grinding the back face of it further forward if you want to take the test a little further.

I have run into 3 sears that were improperly cut in 200. Usually its pretty obvious when they moved under the laser before completion.

It shouldn't be a weak spring, a pen spring will do the job.
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