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what model? you can get a bronze (no detent, but AMAZING starter pump) for well under 100. If you've never used a sterling and are want to get into pump, but don't mind running open class (as opposed to stock class, although there is a vsc model), I cannot recommend any sterling highly enough. certain models like the bronze don't come with anything to adjust velocity (you have to take the marker apart and use shims or diff springs to adjust it, or use an inline reg like a female stab which I highly recommend) so that is kinda a drag.

but the sterling stp and stock class stp are literally like the perfect pump design imho (externally adjustable velocity and detent come stock with both). for the longest time it was deemed the Cadillac of pumps, and it still holds that title for the most part. yes there are better pumps out there, but for easy of use and cost, like I said, I very highly recommend a sterling (why - perfect a/t that is so easy to use with the marker's somewhat beefy shooting platform; easy/almost no maintenance; spider threaded barrel (remember the barrel needs a 1" od to work well with stock pump handle); external velocity adjustment with the stp and stock class stp; low cost, especially used - the only down sides are limited support as their based in the UK and that they are reletively uncommon, which could be a benefit to some, as well as the fact that the bronze model doesn't come with externally adjustable velocity or detent)

If you're interested post over in the sterling section and shoot mike taitt an email (that is his sn). great guy to do business with. although new sterlings arn't as cheap as the used ones, well, they're still cheap enough and worth every penny!

once again, let us know what you do. haha, the first time I saw a new sterling in a store I picked it up there and then. although it was a bronze and I've had to get a reg to adjust velocity and need to be careful not to double feed (although I'm going to get it drilled and tapped for a cocker detent for it one of these days), I have absolutely no regrets (I mean, for 90$ I was blown away).

assuming they're not the older rarer models, used sterlings can get cheap, although they don't come around all that often. if you wanna buy my bronze (sidewinder, 45 grip frame, bottom line, pps barrel with dual spiral porting and light wegits with .680 bore - a little play in the pump handle from the barrel not being wide enough, but still very easy to use) lemme know - then I can get that wintec as well as having an excuse to buy another sterling!

the most fun I've ever had accurately a/ting a pump is a tie between my sterling bronze (with practice you can prevent double feeds) and ccm s6. but the bronze was the first pump I ever had fun accurately a/ting! it's the reason, well one of them, I got the s6, because I hadn't realized how effective a/ting can be with the right gun
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