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Hiatt's "Game On" Paintball presents Hillbillies VS Revenuers..Sat Dec 1st 2012

Field opens at 9am rules at 10 game on at 10:45 sharp..

As always BYOP

$20 (+ tax)field fee if your using compressed air..

$30(+tax) for CO2..

Hillbillies VS Revenuers

"Popcorn! Fuzzy wuz on his way to the supply hut n seen a feller in the woods - looked like he was Fuzzy snuk around to git behind him, and then he heerd nother feller and he done got spooked so he snuk outta there - we better be kirful and watch - might jist be sum hunters, but ya never kin tell. We'll be a-watchin' our land so y'all bitter keep a watch on yer side....if it's them there revenoooers we best be redy for em."

"G-Men! Listen up! There have been reports that the Sutten Clan have been seen frequently at the Hiatt property. The Duke Clan has been seen on that property also. I'll be frank: Men, I think there's a still out there! There might even be a whole network of clans working together...Your job is to search and find out just what is going on at that place. They're probably brewing the whiskey and then moving it to a storage area where they can sell it. They are very good at hiding the whiskey so look everywhere. They might be keeping supplies somewhere away from the still, so they can reopen it if it gets shut down. BE CAREFUL! Those hillbillies will stop at nothing to protect their special brew. They sometimes fight among themselves over it! Men, your base camp will be on the Hiatt property at the top of the hill at the back side of the property. Get whatever you find to your inventory area so we can get a better idea of how much whiskey they are making. If you find corn mash or a power source - that's the two vital items they need to operate a still - take them to shut them down. Be safe and God be with you."

J. Edgar

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