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Our big game was a HUGE success today. About 150 players, tons of prizes. The day ran super smoothly, all the missions and objectives worked great. Everyone had a blast, the overall winner came down to one kill and one water bottle! It was the closest game the club has ever seen. I dont think there was one person who was unhappy with the day. Everyone that helped set the game up is kinda riding a bit of a high this evening. It was a lot of work for everyone, but it all payed off in the end.

I got the chance to talk a bit with Dave from PinnaclePaintball. He set me up with another small insert and a madman spring kit (both of which the local shop cant seem to get, or want to get me...), but above all, he took the time to check out my pre 2k project that I couldn't get the leak fixed in, and got it holding charge. I've always heard lots of good about Dave, but never really had the chance to talk to him for extended time, and now I can continue to recomend him to everyone with a very positive experiance.

p.s. we were talking about y'all for a bit aswell...he knows who you are lol
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