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If you decide for whatever reason to take it apart, don't ever hold the electronics and activate the igniter, really ****ty electric shock. Also, experiment with different oils and greases and see what keeps the pump stroke smooth for the longest, I used to use Hater Sauce but it just seems to burn up and char, Dow 55 has worked pretty well so far. You can also try to grease the underside of the barrel/top of the pump handle, to smooth the stroke a bit.

Don't shoot it indoors if you value your eardrums. Make sure you keep the top three body screws tight because the breech and barrel are connected and held in by the body, if it slides out even a couple of mm's you won't be able to get it to feed. Make a habit of pumping it repeatedly after taking the tank off, it doesn't vent the propane until you do it, not a great idea to have it lying around charged. Also I'm not certain but I think its bad for the igniter if you leave it stored away with a battery in, since I left mine with a battery in unused for about 2 months, and when I came back the igniter was dead.
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