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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
What's more creative than time travel? (mcb could really use the dodgy smiley, insert here)

DW - i can't pre-order, but i WILL want to know how it compares to the ion mech kits. Did Gog give you a possible ETA that you're allowed to share with the public?
I was told that the enemy will be available after cup - that was all.
From the extcy and g1 orders in the past, they dealt with everything smoothly. I think that there was one marker I had pre sold that got bumped to a delivery date a week later.

And in regards to comparison.. why do you think I'm getting my self one? :P
Originally Posted by punisher068 View Post
Cool they made a G1 version also,good luck with your sales
Yup! I think it's pretty cool because my dad only shoots his tippmann a5 and it is very inaccurate and a gas hog. He really likes my mech ions, but would prefer somthing a bit more tactical looking and feeling, so I'll probably end up getting one for him.
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