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Dukie Revolver

I have finally decided to part with my beloved 2nd rune Dukie Drv.
It comes with:
5 cylinders
White grips
10 round spring feed

It does need a new cocking spring at the current time but i have no oven to heat treat one even if i did make it. So it is currently not indexing properly, should be an easy fix. Extra valve parts will be included as well.

Trades i will look at include:
-Macdev clone gts will get priority over anything.
- Rare pumps ( ma-duece, any chiplnstone lever action rifle)
- Other high end electro's will be considered but i am looking for a spool valved marker.
- almost anything + a good amount of cash
Now for some eye candy.

Shooting video: CIMG0002.AVI - YouTube

Dukie sold the second run markers for $860 plus shipping with no barrel and only 1 cylinder.

More pictures will be taken upon request.

I can add a barrel, or a barrel kit to the package if anyone is interested, the price will go up accordingly though.

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