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Here's a break down of the valve. The 2 halves that you said were pressed are actually screwed together. It can be tough sometimes to unscrew but they do come apart. Install your thumb screw back in the back and use it as leverage to pop them apart.

The leak at the pin hole is directly tied to #30. Use your pick to pull out the whole assembly by inserting it in the hole at the top part of the stem, that too can be hard to remove but don't worry, you're not going to break it. Just yank it out. You'll see 2 small oring at the end of it. Replace them along with 31, 33, 34 and make sure you put 32 right side up. There'll be a small spacer separating the 2 oring on 30. Yes, it's suppose to look cracked

The leak down the barrel, dukie already covered. You have a lvl 7 so it's going to be #14.

Make sure you unscrew the on/off body and replace oring #19.

Last but not least, if you hadn't already, replace #24 and 28.

EDIT: That valve isn't going to have the #23 oring so don't worry about it.

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