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Originally Posted by breg View Post
Here is the basis of my theory:

1. Kee has a habit of scopping up IPs left and right, and if they bought up the Angel/WDP IP; then they already have access to a workable poppet valved gun.

2. It looks too tall to be a spoolie. While I am not a huge fan of spoolies; I will admit the lower profile they possess is a plus.

3. It would not take much in the way of engineering to do away with the third tube/cavern on the angel body and bring out a stacked tube poppet gun.

On the other hand:

Kee did buy the Smart Parts IP. So that would give them free reign to produce a Luxe type gun and under-sell DLX. It would be a jerk move, but in this business money walks...
Offering customers an equivalent (or better) product at a cheaper price is never a jerk move to me as a customer. To me, that's how companies win my business. Money should always walk in business matters--to the company that competes best for your money as a customer.

If Kee has created a Luxe equivalent that's cheaper, good on 'em. I'm not in the market for such a marker (I picked up an NXT recently, the poor man's Luxe), but I can see how some people would appreciate it.
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