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Will work 4 First Strikes
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Hi Ed
1) I see that the G3 airsoft shell is for cosmetic purposes. An ATS can be modded to shoot the first strike rounds just like yours without the G3 shell. Am I correct?
Absolutely! The airsoft shell is only cosmetic. It just makes the gun look cool. My G3 ATS is now more of a show and tell piece and rarely sees the field.
Here is my current FS setup that I used to film my videos:

2) How does the stock ATS barrel work shooting FS rounds? It would be real easy for me to just freak bore an ATS barrel than to search for a 23" barrel and somehow ATS thread it.

The stock barrel is terrible with FS rounds. Freak boring and using an appropriate size insert would be an excellent alternative. In my test, I was using a Javelin Barrel with ID .686. I was able to hold my own with a TA T9.1. I am currently testing a new barrel. Iíll post the make and model if I see a noticeable improvement.

3)This is kinda my first mod idea on top of your idea. I saw that you also made some extended mags to hold more rounds. Do you think it would be possible to use the empty space on the other side of the mag to hold another row and dremmel another opening? You would have to insert a divider but I'm sure you would find that easy. Basically I'm copying the new Dye Dam mag that you can flip over to shoot more rounds.

A lot of people told me I couldnít modify an ATS for FS rounds. But I had to try. Your idea is not impossible, itís just really challenging; you just have to have the time, money, skills and the imagination to do it. Currently working on making the magazine a staggered stack design, doubling the capacity without increasing length. No success yet.
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