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Originally Posted by B-17 View Post
As a Polish person that had history disappear around 1939, I see no reason for you to be offended. I hate when jews try to play the victim...

And then Israel wants millions of dollars from POLAND, the country that lost just about everything and got occupied.

As mentioned before, Microsoft has a pattern of getting people to upgrade and making bank over a terrible OS.

I also have had absolutely no motivation to touch windows 8, just like I had no motivation to touch Vista. Be happy with your OS and ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH
Yeah, now I get why you have that written under your alias. Makes total sense indeed. Congrats...

Sorry for the off-topic, guys but I really couldn't let that pass.

Going back to it, Wallify, I get what you say about it being hard to shut down. Have you tried the hybrid-sleep mode? Works wonders for me.

As for the biggest gripe, I get it. What happens is that the app uses the 64-bit browser, while the desktop one uses the 32-bits version. I believe that with time, as more and more sites are migrated to HTML 5, the 64-bits version will become the standard. As of now, the main problem is with the add-ons like the Flash player, Java etc.

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