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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Looks cool but given the design the trigger looks like a flaccid dragon penis.
How do you know what a flaccid dragon penis looks like?

And damnit, i really dont care for g6r's but the dragon is one of my favorite milled guns, might end up needing to look into this one. Overall i'm really not a fan of Bob long guns, but i will admit, he seems to be the only one doing "new" milling to his guns almost every year.

I hate this PGA annodizing crap and PL guns that are just anno jobs. Bring back the damn PL milled guns, put some style back into the guns, with all the advances in CNC machines and such now, i'm sure they can make better stuff now than they did back in the day.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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