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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
I hate this PGA annodizing crap and PL guns that are just anno jobs. Bring back the damn PL milled guns, put some style back into the guns, with all the advances in CNC machines and such now, i'm sure they can make better stuff now than they did back in the day.
I agree PL Milling is MUCH better than PL Ano

I also agree on the CNC advances, but with the advances comes a much higher cost machine, and a much higher cost machine means your shop rate is 2x 3x 4x what it was

it gets spendy real freakin quick

if your body needs 1 hour of cnc mill time, at $125 an hour, for JUST the body, the gun cost will soar

was it the vangaurd gun that had 24 hours of cnc mill time on it?
you cant break even on a gun like that

the 2nd reply to this thread was a comment on it being over $1200
i rest my case. price is more important than milling details to most people.
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