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2 Crossman 3357's

Got these from a friend who's not into paintball. His uncle played way back when and had these in his closet. Very good condition, some scratches here and there, but overall nice pieces. Some of the speed feeds have some gunk on best guess is nail polish to hold the balls in? Come in the original boxes as well. Two cylinders included.

Edit: Forgot, one of these, the piece that holds it in isn't very tight, so it sometimes breaks open. I think it's just a spring, going to mess with it and see if I can fix it. Still works, just a little annoying.

I don't have any 12 grams to test these with, but I was told they hold air fine. Gonna try to get some 12 grams this week and test that for sure. Cylinders all turn though. I did get a big bag of paint for these as well...but considering it's ancient I have my doubts it would should through it either way haha. I'll check around and see if anyone selling that new .50cal paint.

In case you're unfamiliar with these,

$250 apiece

Cash is preferred but open to trades.

I may have one more up for sale, I got 4, keeping one, waiting to see if my local store wants one for their collection. I also have holsters, belts with 12 gram pockets, and old-school masks to go with if you're interested. Pics of those coming soon.
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