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GUN ONLY. Tank And Barrels are GONE.

Price: 400 or OBO

Up for sale is one of my favorite guns. I have recently purchased an EMAG and do not need 2 automags. So I need to find my baby a new home. She was last tuned by TUNAMAN before I bought if off a friend of mine who was the previous owner. I have used this more than my electro's. Even was my main gun in the past 2 Castle Conquests at EMR in PA. So enough of the story behind it and how she rocks.

First: Automag with X-VALVE, ULE Frame, LVL10 bolt in it. My baby is flawless.

But PLEASE do not insult me with offers that are lowballs or no-balls. I will be respectful to you if you are to me. I accept paypal only.

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My guns are shipped flawless. So you are agreeing to buy as is.

Thanks for looking and help my baby find a great home.

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