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Actually, I had the same question that some of you did. Namely, how did he mount the rangefinder. I have been using a handheld rangefinder for years but there are distinct advantages to having it on the rail. First of all, it frees up a vest pocket. Secondly it is just a whole lot quicker and easier. Sometimes time is not an issue. For example, once you are in a hide and waiting for the shot to set up, you usually have time to lase the distances where targets are likely to appear, put away the rangefinder, and settle back to wait. Sometimes it just doesn't happen like that and things happen quickly. With a single-shot bolt action, I will be busy enough loading rounds and not having to pull the rangefinder out would be a great simplification.

I queried Chicago about how he mounted the Vendetta and here is his answer:
Quick summary, once you buy the picatinny adapter, and fight with the Leupold side of the mounting, it works great! I luv it. If you are wondering about the fight, read the longer version below. You should come in around $260 total if you shop around. Amazon without the additional picatinny mount was $259 Leupold's list price is $379!.

Long version:
Here's exactly what I did. The Leupold Vendetta (which I purchased on e-bay from a 100% rated seller - big archery place - lowest price was $208 shipped), only comes with, what everyone will know as a long bow, not a crossbow mount or picatinny mount . I've seen a lot of video with them mount on crossbows and was hoping that maybe I was wrong, they included it; but, I was game to try a gludge if there wasn't a mount like that included.

They do show them mounted to crossbows and even have warning in their manual (yes an actual manual!) about the safety precautions on mounting the range finder too close to the crossbow safety!

Well, as my luck would have it, the anodizing (in my opinion) was too thick and the bow mount parts would not even mount to each other. I always dry fit all the parts once before mounting. OCD I guess.

So, I went online at leupold to see technical manuals and supposed mounting videos. None of those links worked. So, I sent them a nice email (not a nasty "you don't know what you are doing email.") And asked for help; let them know their website links in the ops manual didn't work anymore; did they have a recall cause their own parts didn't seem to fit together properly in their recommended configuration; and, where could I buy this elusive picatinny mount for/from Leupold. No response. Sent another query again after no response (another a week later just in case my email works with everyone but Leupold - in this case I used their on line technical support embedded email query tool).

About two weeks later, I learned they had a facebook site. Everything there was "glowing." So, I simply asked leupold why they weren't responding to my inquiries. And, was there a different email I could use to tell them my problem. Well it was maybe another two weeks and I got a facebook message saying "that wasn't the proper place to ask support questions that they did not appreciate a negative response about their products or service." and, they gave me their standard 1-800 number as I recall. I haven't gone back to their facebook page; but, I'll bet they deleted my less than "glowing" post!

I only tell you all this because the many reviews of the Leupold Vendetta I read on multiple sites always had one or two complaints. The users seem to love the products esp. the Vendetta; but, there was no technical support. One guy said he broke his mount trying to get it on and they wouldn't even sell him a replacement.

So, I quickly jumped on line and purchased the additional picatinny mount for $50 shipped. It still didn't mount easily (not the picatinny part) the piece that seems somehow permanently attached to the rangefinder piece. So used one of their screws and slowly and gently forced the mouth open a little and then slid it down over the picatinny mount. It worked great. Vendetta is still fully adjustable in any direction. Would highly recommend getting what they call the "crossbow" mount.

Now with the vendetta mounted, I just aim thru my sight, push the remote (wired) button and the correct yardage appears (used and 240 foot outdoor tape measure to verify distances). I luv it.

If anyone has more questions, let me know and I will see if I can get answers.

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