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Autococker parts!! Chrome sidewinder!! Eblade!! Dye 3 way!! Micro Rock!!

Hey I got some autococker parts for sale. Not really looking to trade. Prices include shipping. Sorry not really looking for trades.

PM or email

First off I have a chrome sidewinder which looks practically new. Only small scratches are on the bottom of the reg. Looking for $70 obo PENDING

Next up is an Eblade kit. Comes with the box and looks new. Few marks on the trigger but they are small. Eye, eye cover, and solenoid included. Eye cover has never been used. Looking for $80 PENDING

Bunch of autococker parts for sale.

Nickel colored trigger frame and check it unimount. Not sure what the maker of the frame is but it is dye shaped. Might be from a superbolt. Has Hogue grips. Good condition. Unimount is a little banged up but works fine. Looking for FRAME AND UNIMOUNT SOLD 8$ for grips

Chrome Palmers micro rock with Dye knob. Great reg and great condition. Looking for $30
Black CP on/off. No marks it looks new. Comes with macroline fitting. Looking for SOLD

Dust black ANS 3 way. Great condition. Only a couple small marks. Comes with rod. Looking for SOLD
Gloss black Dye 3 way. Great condition. No real marks. Needs set screw. Comes with rod. Looking for $30
Dust black sto ram. Pretty scuffed up. Looking for SOLD

Pump rod. NO CLOSE UP PICTURE. Great condition. Looking for $8

Thanks for looking!

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