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Location: Oakville, Ontario

Currently own (as in my sig):
06 Cyborg
2006 Grey Ghost
Classic Mag concoction

Previously owned:
Hybrid NXT
98 Custom Pro
2k1 PGP
02 (I think it was 02, maybe 03) Racegun HB

I think the most I ever had at once was all the stuff I have now as well as my PGP. I think the E-Cocker may have been concurrent with all of that as well, but I only owned it very briefly. I'm planning to pick up a Hammer 7 once they're available, so I'll be back up to 5.

Grey Ghost #308, SC Brassterling, Super Stocker, Predator SM-1, Hammer7
Classic/Pump Mag, VM-68
05 Cyborg, 06 Cyborg, PM8 LE Canary, Hybrid NXT, E-Tac
, GTi
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