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Josh, I looked at that one, but I'm afraid the equipment portion isn't large enough. I'm picking up a D300 this weekend and an 18-200VR as well. Add to that the Gripped D90 and the 18-55 and 55-200 plus a 12-24 wide angle and a 50mm. I also plan on getting a D800 by the end of the year, beginning of next, but haven't decided on which lens' I want for it yet. I'm sure at most I'll only have the D800 and either the D90 or D200 with me at any given time, but I always keep a lens on my bodies. Always. Oh, and let's not forget the flash, the off camera flash mount and the light meter. Plus any reflector disks. I guess I should be looking at pack mules.

If you could snap a pic of it loaded with gear, I'd

Frink, They're not so much thick as wide. I also like to keep around "Photography, The Essential Way" which is really wide, plus a note pad for notes. And a moleskin. Oh, and if I'm going out of town, my laptop and at least one external hard drive.
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