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Tippmann X7 Phenom Upped.


Tippmann Phenom with egrip

ALMOST new condition. Shot a case worth of paint at my shop, but havn't used it on the field. No scratches or wear. Grip frame just came back from Tippmann for board re-programing/update and tripper sear replaced. Comes with all the stock parts.


-TechT Vortex MOD
-TechT Squishy paddles DS
-TechT Lightning Rod
-TechT Quick Exhaust Piston Housing
-Rufus Dawg Paintball Gripper Skin
-Lapco Bigshot assault barrel (.687) w/apex tip

NOTE: Does not come with metedyne stock or magpul grip. Picture shows a double trigger, it comes with the stock single trigger

$ 250

Price does not include shipping.
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