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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
This may very well be another upside to 90 over 70. Did you try using new 70 orings (as in replacing your stock orings with 70 durometer ones) before you went to 90? Or did you go from the stock ones to the 90s?

Using inline regulation and deactivating the internal reg, I've not had any problems with the 70 durometer orings I replace the stock ones with (10k+ shots). I am almost certain that new orings, whether 70 or 90 durometer, is a necessary first upgrade for any Gen 1 or Gen 2 (if not Gen 3) Thumper owner.

I'm just curious. Thank you for your input Flint!
Straight to 90. Went to a local supplier, and he had only 90ies.
Keep in mind that until today, my Thumper was on a shimmed inline reg, and co2 only (hopefully with the external reg, ill be able to switch to HPA)
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