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Originally Posted by Flint View Post
Straight to 90. Went to a local supplier, and he had only 90ies.
Keep in mind that until today, my Thumper was on a shimmed inline reg, and co2 only (hopefully with the external reg, ill be able to switch to HPA)
Yes, I think you'll have luck with the hpa, but I'd strongly suggest disabling your internal reg when using an inline reg. What kind do you have in mind (remember 300psi max input, although I normally need about 250-275psi to get to 290fps).

I would be willing to bet, even with 70 durometer, you'd have had success once you replaced the stock orings (why do they end up being so crappy for everyone?). Anyways, doesn't matter. Every day I become more convinced 90 is the way to go, especially when using an internal reg
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